Matter As Regent


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released February 7, 2015

Composed and Produced by Wells Valley

Guitars/Vocals: Filipe Correia
Bass: Pedro Lopes
Drums: Mau

Backing vocals on Sacred Mountain by Mau and Pedro Lopes
Backing vocals on Kingdom of Salvation by Salomé Santos
All lyrics by Filipe Correia
Kingdom of Salvation intro taken from the movie "The Maid" (2005) — Joe Ng and Alex Oh

Front cover art by Studio Joseph Shaeffer — (A)Void 1-07
Design by Mau @

Recorded @ C.A.C. Ponte de Sor, Portugal
Mixed and mastered by Mau
Vocals recorded @ Malware Studios, Sintra, Portugal


+351 936 332 227



all rights reserved



Wells Valley is a post-metal trio from Lisbon, Portugal, established in October 2011.
The band's distinctive sound draw from avant-garde, sludge, doom, industrial and psychedelic Metal.

Swarm of the Lotus, Trypticon, Nine Inch Nails, Converge, Neurosis, Blut Aus Nord and Cult of Luna are key influences to their sound.
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Track Name: Ghost Of You
I don’t feel me inside my carcass
No control over time
Life is vague
Dreamlike, less real
A thriving tree, a dividing line
Into the black house fire

The voice hints torment and recognize the pain
Coat your body with ruin; coat your body with rain

Do you dream my dreams?

I don’t feel me inside my carcass
No control over time
Llife is vague
Dreamlike, less real
You summon ghosts

Eyes hide like one million serpents
Powerless, lost in between
In reveries you travel
Feverous vehemence of blood
Track Name: Star Over A Wheel
Seek out hope, revive the strive
Until you sight the fence, the gate of life
You overtake the waste, invoke with feast
The swarm, the weakening

The blood you seed
Inside the wrecked vessel

Door beneath the feet
The key inside your heart
Demised you stare
The blossom of the plague
Blind eyes assume light then reveal the path

One day this light will die with you

I talk with you everyday
You promised we'd discuss fate
Your hands seclude everything
I agree to argue with candour
Then I relax upon my dirt
I pour down the wine and swallow sorrow

Seek out hope, revive the strive
Until you sight the fence, the gate of life
You overtake the waste, invoke with feast
The swarm, the weakening
Track Name: Hands Are Void
As the rain pours the coldest winter
We gather on a board of grief, on a board of regrets
Your bloodied body weltered in the filthiest bed
And spirits whisper reveries of angels revealing clemency
I'll grab your hands; I'll caress your soul
Raise the golden crown to soothe you 'till the end of times

One day the walls will fall
And the light will call
Your hands are void to feed my heart...
Your hands are void to feed my heart with light

From empty spaces... we arrive
In empty spaces... we depart

Empty spaces...

We arrive
We depart
We arrive
With our hands... void
Track Name: Sacred Mountain
In helpless moments
We seek prosperity
Then hands wreck
Abandon the property
Through indeterminate states
Within the holy mountain

Climb these walls never to high to die
Release the material excess, witness divine

This spiritual tower is a ladder…
This spiritual tower is a ladder… to sin

Primal hideaway
In pursue of fervour
Magnetic eyes
In fertility streams
Exquisite adornments
Dyed on vivid clouds
Gold and silver surfaces
In the sacred mountain
Track Name: Plead For Light
Assemble in dark
And plead for light
Angels dialects come from within
Waves of bliss... the inner eye

Our life sentinels lighten the worthless
After vivid hands sink in the immensity
Of a humble bowl of water

The glowing call, the sensor, the seer

Primal tapestries sewed with enochian inscriptions
Evocations for early lights...The apocryphal keys
The decoded infinity, contacts untamed by man
Within great veil of mysteries, beneath a golden dawn
A rain of flowers that falls from nameless skies
Blessed by the hands of the Creator

Mouths vomit the universe
Faces cleanse upon the endless
Take a glance in the murk
And seek...
The last...
Track Name: Kingdom Of Salvation
The forgotten raiser of empathy
The wrecked man
A poignant woman resonates a threnody
Your dying hope

Instigate the first stride
Through the corridor of no return
You harmed the kingdom of deliverance
The empire of reliance

Repudiate your senses
Maintain the flies in a jar
You cannot go that far…
With fire beside you

Grasp the words from a fetter of lights
Release the flood that once drowned in impiety

Descend the ways of salvation...